Headlines Of the Day: Your News Is Done for You

Your time is a precious commodity, and some elements get less attention than they should. You don’t have time for everything!

That’s why newscasts may be the most overlooked feature on radio stations today. They are usually cumbersome and tedious because they’re crafted for reading, not speaking. There are too many details, the copy is stiff, and it doesn’t sound like the personality delivering it.

The result? A segment that doesn’t resonate with listeners and could drive your audience away. Some are almost as mundane as the commercials!

RCP transforms this experience by gathering the day’s most significant stories and crafting them in a conversational style suited for the spoken word.

It’s organized on one page. Just click on News Headlines. It’s an updated, fresh newscast written for you or a cast member to perform.

The writing has the information your audience needs in a conversational style. It’s not cold and stuffy like copy written for a newspaper.

And if you need to make adjustments, editing is a breeze. Just






And if you need more information on the story, it’s just a click away.

Take the mundane, repetitive, time-consuming tasks out of your workflow and improve each newscast.

It’s like having a news copywriter on your team who is dedicated to making each information segment the best.

Check it out on your dashboard by clicking Headlines Of The Day.

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