How to Use RCP: Voice Tracking

Voice-tracking for multiple radio stations is now more common than not. It’s a great way to use technology, but can often cause burnout. Voice tracking can sometimes feel repetitive, especially when you’re limited to the same set of content to use on every station you are tracking.

Radio Content Pro (RCP) offers a solution so your voice-tracking sessions are as engaging and unique as live broadcasts.

Breaking the Monotony

Voice trackers often find themselves repeating similar content across different stations. This repetition can lead to a lackluster performance. RCP provides a variety of fresh perspectives, hot takes, and topics to invigorate your sessions and, by extension, your on-air persona.

Using the powerful search function delivers a variety of stories on each topic, giving you more ideas to choose from. And, since many shows are recorded hours before airing, it’s even more critical to have the most current content when tracking. RCP’s continuous update cycle ensures that you have access to the latest stories and trends, eliminating the issue of sounding outdated or repeating what the morning show has already covered.

Fresh Takes for Every Track

With RCP, every voice track you record can have a unique angle or take, making your segments more interesting for listeners and more enjoyable for you to create. Just choose a reaction or topic and adapt it to your voice.

This makes your show more exciting for listeners and it’s more creatively fulfilling than reperforming the same content over and over.

Fast and Efficient

You’re tracking a lot of shows, so you don’t have any time to waste.

RCP’s powerful category selection tool can be used to customize your content preparation workflow. You can handpick categories and filter the content to save time and make it easy to get just what you are looking for.

It’s easy to become bored saying the same things the same way for multiple stations. Wouldn’t it be more exciting to have a fresh take? You would be more interested, and that shows up in your performance.

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