How to Use RCP: Producing Unique Content

When researching how radio personalities gather content for their show, we discovered they search dozens of websites and prep services, wading through a sea of information, hoping to find inspiration to create original, unique content from relevant sources. We also discovered that most shows are frustrated because several other shows in their market have similar ideas from the same sources. They’re all harvesting the low-hanging fruit and inadvertently echo each other, cycling through the same stories from a limited pool of sources.

This is where Radio Content Pro (RCP) changes the game. Sounding distinct is not just an advantage. It’s a necessity. The challenge? How can you stand out and get beyond the endless cycle of sameness?

Traditional Content Sources

How many websites and prep services do you sift through daily for content? And how often do you hear another show in the market or even on your own station do something eerily similar? Everyone is relying on a few popular sources. The content is fine, but there’s no differentiation in how the content is curated to inspire fresh ideas. This leads to a homogenized radio landscape. But you have to be better than that.

The Pitfall of Low-Hanging Fruit

The conventional approach to content sourcing results in grabbing the “low-hanging fruit” – easily accessible but overly familiar stories that fail to excite listeners because there’s a lack of ideation. This approach dulls the listening experience and blurs the distinct voices of different shows. Radio Content Pro reaches for a higher branch and inspires your show to find unique angles only you can do.

Find Your Unique Voice

RCP is your ally in overcoming creative stagnation. It saves time, but more importantly, RCP propels your show into a league of its own. You gain access to unique ideas and are sure to find an angle tailored to amplify your show’s personality. This is content that your listeners won’t hear anywhere else.

Tons of Choices

Imagine a service that consistently feeds your ideas for fresh, engaging, and exclusive content and ideas to launch phone topics and lead conversations that go beyond the obvious.

Being different is the key to being heard and Radio Content Pro is your partner in finding angles to be distinct. It’s just the boost you need to get over the creative “hump” and unleash your personality with unique content

Radio Content Pro is Market Exclusive

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