Press Release: Tracy Johnson Media Group and WP Media Launch New AI-Driven Radio Content Pro

(San Diego, Ca. February 6, 2024)

WP Media, Inc. and Tracy Johnson Media Group have joined forces to launch a pioneering AI-driven platform designed to transform the radio broadcasting industry.

Radio Content Pro (RCP) is engineered to address the most pressing challenges radio professionals and content creators face today. In an era where content is king, broadcasters are often overwhelmed with curating and creating content on multiple platforms. It’s all important, but it’s overwhelming.

RCP offers a solution that effortlessly empowers radio stations to produce more creative, relevant, and timely content using the power of Artificial Intelligence to inspire your local team’s creativity and efficiency.

Key Features of Radio Content Pro:

AI Bots: RCP’s AI bots are custom-designed for radio content creation, working around the clock (24/7/365) to gather, organize, and curate content, ensuring your content is always fresh and relevant. All of your content is at your fingertips in a user-friendly dashboard accessible from all devices so yo can focus on creativity rather than content hunting.

Customized Content: RCP provides content tailored to your station’s brand and curated for use on the air, on websites, and on social media without worrying about copyright problems. Every piece of content is usable and specific to your audience’s interests.

Creative Inspiration: The platform delivers unique angles and hot takes on topics, plus phone topic ideas, social media conversation starters, and brilliant teases to drive time spent listening for every piece of content.

Rewriting News & Information: Each story is rewritten in several ways for different applications, including newscasts, entertainment reports, and sports updates. The AI is trained to write for the spoken word, not the way content is read. It actually writes your news for you!

Social Media: With ever-increasing pressure to deliver digital content, RCP includes a comprehensive digital section, including ready-to-publish blog articles and social media posts for every piece of content.

Tracy Johnson Media Group has been working with WP Media for over a year to build Radio Content Pro. President/CEO Tracy Johnson says,

This is a major breakthrough in content creation. I tasked our team to create a product that uses AI to solve eight content problems broadcasters face today, and they nailed it. RCP acts as a full-time producer, copywriter, marketing expert, and digital marketing team rolled into one.

Market Exclusive For 12 Formats

Radio Content Pro is available now in six formats, with six new products coming in the next few weeks.

Available Now:

  • RCP Buzz: For CHR and Hot AC stations.
  • RCP Country: For Country stations.
  • RCP Hip Hop: For Hip Hop and Rhythmic CHR.
  • RCP Mainstream: For adult-targeted formats like AC.
  • RCP Edge: For Rock stations.
  • RCP Spirit: For Christian stations.

New formats will be released soon for the following brands:

  • RCP Info: For news and talk stations.
  • RCP Sports: For sports stations.
  • RCP Classic: For Classic Hits and Classic Rock.
  • RCP Legends: For Classic Country stations.
  • RCP Hispanic: For Hispanic stations.
  • RCP Rhythm: For Classic Rhythmic stations.

Each product is market-exclusive, available worldwide, and is currently offered at special introductory pricing based on market size.

Free Webinar Demonstration

To understand how RCP will transform your entire broadcast operation, Tracy Johnson is hosting a free webinar on February 15, 2024, at 1 pm Eastern Time. Guests can get an in-depth look at how RCP revolutionizes radio content creation.

To join the webinar, go here.

About Tracy Johnson Media Group (TJMG):

Tracy Johnson Media Group, led by industry veteran Tracy Johnson is one of the world’s leading talent coaches radio consultants. TJMG is a marketing partner with Radio Content Pro.

About WP Media, Inc.:

Radio Content Pro is owned and operated by WP Media, a digital marketing and promotion company specializing in innovative solutions through cutting-edge, intelligent solutions.


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Radio Content Pro is Market Exclusive

RCP products are market exclusive for local stations. Learn about our products, or apply for RCP in your market today.

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