How to Use RCP: One Topic, Multiple Stories, Amazing Flexibility

Radio Content Pro has a ton of content, so how do you decide what to use?

Here’s a great example. In October 2023, U2 performed a historic concert at the all-new Sphere in Las Vegas. Here’s how you could use multiple stories on various platforms:

First, use the search box for U2.

Start with this summary. Let’s copy and paste this for the entertainment report and edit it to customize it for the personality. It’s in the show run sheet.

That’s a good start, but we want to promote the segment with a tease. Good news! There’s one in RCP already, and this one is awesome. Copy and paste it to the run sheet.

Now, we probably want to talk about the story as a stand-alone segment outside of the Entertainment Report. Let’s find another angle from one of the stories on RCP.

Go to the bottom and check out the three suggestions for Further Discussion. Here’s a good one, but let’s tweak it. This should drive several segments of callers.

And, if you want to spike the calls with a quick response, use one of the comments and assign it to a voice actor, ringer, or texter.

But wait, there’s more. Let’s create a post for social media and continue the conversation. For this post, we’ll use the summary, but tighten it to keep it shorter. Then let’s add a comment from the responses and a question to get comments.

For yet another angle, let’s go to another story and use RCP to write a blog post. And here it is…everything ready to go with just a couple of tweaks.

Radio Content Pro puts all of this at your fingertips. It’s easy, fast, and can be customized to fit your show.

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