More Efficiency, Lower Cost

Radio budgets aren’t exactly expanding. Every dollar is precious and should be evaluated based on the value and efficiency it produces.

Radio Content Pro (RCP) is competitively priced. We’ve designed it to fit all budgets, even if a personality has to pay for it out of pocket. But this is a valuable strategic investment in time and financial efficiency for your station and show.

In today’s radio environment, personalities are juggling more responsibility than ever. Promotions, appearances, sales meetings, commercial production, voice-tracking, social media, blog posts, and endless meetings take time once applied to creating great content. There’s less time available for show prep, so you have to be smart about your time.

The Cost of Conventional Content Sourcing

When you finally start preparing the show, consider the typical routine of a radio personality: juggling multiple services and scouring countless websites for relevant, relatable content. Gathering material takes hours, which is why most shows are more gatherers of information than content curators. That creates several problems.

First, this approach leads to a homogenized sound. You end up with the same topics as everyone else because you don’t have time (and sometimes the bandwidth) to turn that material into unique entertainment. There are only so many hours in a day.

Radio Content Pro saves a ton of time by organizing everything you need on one dashboard. You will find exactly what you want, when you want it. When you want a current story about a specific topic, just click the search box, type your topic, and you’ll instantly have everything you need for your next show.

How Much Does This Save?

RCP is priced right, especially when you consider the real cost of other online show prep services.

Even if you’re not paying cash, barter deals have their own costs. If you’re giving up commercial inventory for content services, the opportunity cost adds up quickly. For instance, most radio show prep apps charge one minute of airtime per day and use that time for two 30-second spots. At an average rate of $100 per commercial, your cost is $6,000 per month (two 30-second commercials per day, valued at $100 each for 30 days). That’s a significant financial impact for content that doesn’t set you apart.

Maybe you aren’t charging $100 per commercial. In smaller markets, commercial spots might be valued at $25. Even at that rate, the cost for a single service is $1,500 monthly (two 30-second commercials per day valued at $25 each for 30 days).

Weigh this against the value you’re receiving. Is sounding like every other show worth this cost?

Valuing Your Time

But there’s another cost factor.

Time is your most valuable asset. If you spend an hour daily searching for content, that’s 20 hours per month (5 days per week, 4 weeks in a month). For someone earning $75,000 a year, this time equates to approximately $9,375 annually spent on content hunting. And that’s just time hunting and gathering content. Radio Content Pro curates each topic and sets you up for success 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RCP’s efficiency is a game-changer. Compare the costs in terms of time and money. RCP saves you hours of content searching and ensures that your show sounds unique and fresh at an amazingly affordable price. It’s a smarter way to run your show and operate your station. By saving time and reducing costs, RCP allows you to focus on what you do best – creating great radio.

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