How to Use RCP: Incredible, TSL-Building Teases

The power of a well-crafted tease cannot be overstated, but few radio shows tease often enough or effectively. It’s hard to get teases right because it’s a creative challenge that demands precious time most personalities don’t have. How many times have you come to the end of a song and, in the last 10 seconds, scrambled to throw together a tease for an upcoming segment? It happens all the time.

Teases are the hook that keeps listeners engaged, an art that multiplies quarter-hours of listening. But let’s face it: creating compelling teases is a skill that is rarely taught and doesn’t come naturally. But now, you can have amazing teases at your fingertips.

The Teasing Dilemma

Picture this: You’re about to hit the high point of a talk break and leave the audience on a high note. It’s the perfect time to promote more great content in the next few minutes. But as you reach the end of the segment, you realize you haven’t written a tease. It’s a familiar scenario where even the best hosts scramble to whip up a tease off the top of their heads. And just like that, you’ve lost an opportunity to convert listeners to another occasion. RCP does it for you! There’s a tease for every segment.

The High Stakes of Teasing

Television networks spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing pros whose only job is to write teases. That’s how crucial they are. These short promos are the difference between a listener staying tuned or switching off. Imagine having a virtual marketing guru courtesy of RCP, crafting teases that spark curiosity and drive listener engagement.

Teases = Ratings

Effective teases can significantly boost your ratings. Just one additional listening occasion per day can increase ratings by up to 50%, and if you can increase your audience with an extra day per week, you could potentially double your ratings. Teases are strategic tools for audience growth that smart broadcasters realize are just as important as the content itself.

These Teases Aren’t Just Filler

The teases provided by Radio Content Pro are not just good. They’re exceptional. We’ve invested a lot of time and money to fine-tune how these teases are generated so they outshine over 90% of the teases on the are today. With RCP, your show will be equipped with teases that are more engaging, intriguing, and effective than ever before.

The Value Proposition

Consider the potential impact on your show’s ratings with a consistent, successful teasing strategy. How much would an increase in ratings performance be worth? One program director told us he would sign up for all of his shows just for the teases. Now, weigh that against the cost of Radio Content Pro. RCP is not just an investment in content. It’s an investment in the future success and growth of your show.

It’s time to elevate your show with teases that capture attention and captivate the imagination. Are you ready to turbo-charge your teases?

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