How to Use RCP: Hot Takes from Hot Callers

There are dozens of ways to use Radio Content Pro. It’s a dynamic tool with more applications than you can imagine, including generating responses from listeners, callers, or texters.

Here’s a guide on how to use RCP to generate captivating responses and discussions on your show.

Three Reactions for Every Story

Each story in RCP comes with three distinct reactions, each designed to inspire radio personalities and provide a fresh perspective. These reactions are designed to be conversation starters and resonate with different audience segments. Each is written in the “voice” of a particular personality type.

The typical way to use this section of the service is to inspire your own hot take. But what if you are a mainstream or family-friendly station? The “Edgy” response provided by RCP might not align with your on-air persona, as it often leans towards the cynical or sarcastic. But you can still use it with a creative twist. Assign this edgy response to a hypothetical listener comment or even use it as a script for a “caller” to jump-start a topic. This allows you to introduce a contrasting viewpoint on your show without deviating from your character.

By attributing the edgy response to a caller, text message, or social media comment, you can bring a different angle to your topic. This approach enriches the conversation and sets you up for a response that’s true to your character, enhancing your engagement with listeners.

Flipping Perspectives for Edgy Shows

Conversely, if your show has a more aggressive or edgy tone, use RCP’s family-friendly or mainstream responses to introduce a softer, alternative perspective. This provides balance and sets the stage for more punchlines and dynamic discussions.

You could even use one of those responses to set up your more aggressive comment by saying, “I know some of you are thinking (insert comment here), but I am telling you (your comment here).”

Maximize Engagement

Use the reactions on social media and blog posts, too. Insert a different reaction to different platforms to initiate a new conversation about the same topics you’ve discussed on the air.

The key to maximizing RCP’s potential lies in creatively adapting the content to fit your show’s style, but don’t disregard the comments that don’t fit your character brand. Use the diverse reactions as a springboard for listener interactions to build a multi-dimensional radio experience.

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