How to Use RCP: Creating Blog Posts

Radio companies demand more blog posts from personalities than ever. Sometimes, it’s connected to what you do on the air, but at least two companies require every air talent to publish daily posts unrelated to their on-air content.

This can be overwhelming, but Radio Content Pro (RCP) is here to simplify the process.

The Blogging Challenge

The demand for frequent, high-quality blog posts can be daunting, especially when these posts are separate from your on-air segments. This requirement can feel like a grind, but it doesn’t have to be.

RCP is designed to streamline the blogging process. Here’s how to turn an RCP summary into a blog post in minutes:

  1. Copy the Summary into your blog editor. This summary is already a concise, well-structured piece of content.
  2. Personalize Your Voice. Make a few quick edits to the summary to better reflect your unique voice and style. This step personalizes the content, making it more relatable to your audience.
  3. Add a Reaction. Choose a reaction from the Edgy, Mainstream, or Family-Friendly options provided by RCP.
  4. Finalize with a Headline. Copy the headline from RCP. It’s usually ready to use, but feel free to tweak it for a perfect fit.
  5. Publish.

With these simple steps, your blog post is ready to go live. What might have taken hours now takes less than five minutes. It’s like having a dedicated social media director for your show.

Radio Content Pro turns the blogging requirement from a burden into a breeze. It will save you time and your posts will probably be more engaging than what you’d create starting at a blank cursor.

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