How to Use RCP: Create a Story for an Information Report

Okay, you’re writing a story for an information report, like a newscast, trending, or entertainment report. These segments should be conversational, with perspective, and in some cases, an attitude.

This is where Radio Content Pro (RCP) shines, offering more than just facts—it’s about crafting stories that showcase your unique personality. The stories aren’t just summarized with facts because your job is to entertain, not inform.

Start with the Core: RCP summarizes each story, focusing on crucial details. This summary is your starting point, a foundation upon which you’ll build your unique narrative. So copy the summary and paste it into your workspace.

Edit: Now, it’s time to infuse it with your voice. Adjust the copy to reflect your style, tone, and personality.

Add a Reaction or Question if Appropriate: Next, you can choose one of the reactions provided by RCP. These reactions are designed to add an extra layer of personality to the story. Alternatively, you can pose a question based on the story, turning it into a potential phone topic. This adds depth and invites listener interaction.

Don’t Forget the Tease: A good tease is crucial for drawing listeners to a segment. RCP offers teases that are ready to use or can be tailored to fit your show’s style. This tease adds curiosity and ensures your audience stays tuned.

Bringing It All Together: With RCP, you have all the elements for a compelling entertainment report: a personalized story, a reaction or question for engagement, and a captivating tease. In just a few moments, you’ve created a segment that’s informative and rich in personality and appeal.

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