How to Use RCP: Brainstorming

Brainstorming has never been so productive and fun. Each topic is created as a starting point to inspire original, unique content that only you can perform. The process starts with a relevant topic, something the audience cares about or at least has heard of. But that’s not what you will do with the topic. You’re going to turn it into entertainment.

The Headline: Read the headline and form a quick, immediate feeling about it.

The Gist: Next, scan the bullet points to understand the important facts in the story.

Now, explore the three potential topics at the bottom of the page. These topics are like threads on a sweater – they’re starting points. Pull on these threads, unravel them, and see where they lead. Let your imagination take over, and think about how you can spin these topics into engaging content.

As you explore each topic, ask yourself: How can this be twisted, turned, or approached differently? What unique angle can I bring to this based on my emotional reaction? How can it be made more entertaining, controversial, or engaging? This will help you find a unique hook in your own voice.

Use the topics as a foundation and build upon them with insights, humor, and personality. Use the reactions to inspire your hot take. Then, think about how it can lead to listener interaction, phone calls, or social media engagement.

Brainstorming for your show can be a fun journey of creative discovery, and you don’t even need partners to make it happen.

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