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You’re busy.

There’s unprecedented pressure to deliver captivating content to listeners on the air, online, and on social media. Your company expects more content and provides fewer resources than ever before.

You need to save time, increase efficiency and improve quality. And you have to do it without the resources you need to dominate your market.

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Radio Content Pro helps you craft unforgettable, original moments that will keep your audience hooked. Quickly. Efficiently. And how nobody else can.

This is not just another show prep service or faceless software company. Radio legend Tracy Johnson is the architect of our product. With his guidance, we’ve designed RCP to be your copilot, powered by AI, to solve the biggest challenges facing content creators today.

From ideation to execution, Tracy has guided every step of the creation, operation, and management of RCP to work for you, not replace you.

Personalities are asked to do more with fewer resources than ever before. There’s no point in complaining because it’s not going to change. So we have stepped in to help you thrive, not just survive.

Radio Content Pro makes it fun to create great radio by inspiring your performance, breaking down creative walls, and unleashing your full potential.

As Tracy says:

Tracy Johnson

“In 1981, I was one of the first programmers to embrace the idea of using computers to help schedule music. The prevailing opinion was that computers would replace programmers and music directors. That didn’t happen. The software unlocked capability, control, efficiency, and quality. It made it possible to create amazing sounding stations, but it didn’t replace the programming artists that made it happen. Today, I hear the same things about AI. Don’t fear it. It won’t replace you. Embrace it and use it to work for you. That’s how we designed RCP. It’s the copilot that will unleash your personality to the world.”

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Radio Content Pro makes content creation fun again. So, buckle up and get ready to explore a new world of possibilities for your broadcasts. Let’s Go!

Radio Content Pro has users in most US states and over 15 countries.

Here’s what some have to say:

Kipper McGee
For smart broadcasters, the goal of tech shouldn’t be to replace staff but to empower them by combining human and AI capabilities. RCP provides a shining example of this philosophy at work… and it’s here today!
Kipper McGee, Radio Consultant, Publisher: The Small Market Radio Newsletter
Chuck Taylor KHYI

It’s easy to use and easy to grasp. It’s a total time saver!

Chuck Taylor, Program Director & Mornings, KHYI
Jon Holiday Radio Consulting Services

RCP is the most powerful, innovative content tool available to on-air personalities today. This a game-changer in the world of show prep. Make AI work for you!

Jon Holiday, Radio Consulting Services
Andy Cohen

This service has been my lifeline and it has helped me stay up-to-date and inspired with the output of digital content like a machine.

Andy Cohen, On-Air Talent, Pattison Media

I gotta tell ya, this is the most comprehensive content provider I have EVER seen. And the fact you’ve even given links to the articles and TEASES for the story is incredible.

Bert Weiss, Host, The Bert Show
Chuck Taylor KHYI
If you’re looking for a great way to jumpstart your topical prep, Radio Content Pro is a great place to start. It’s packed with topic starters that’ll get the ball rolling and help you stand out from your competition.
Chuck Taylor, Program Director & Mornings, KHYI
Tracy Johnson

Radio Content Pro has unlocked the potential of AI for radio. This is the most exciting innovation I’ve seen since the introduction of music scheduling software.

Tracy Johnson, Radio Consultant and Talent Coach
Andy Cohen

RCP is the secret weapon I needed. This is my little secret service. It’s that good. Best kept secret!

Andy Cohen, On-Air Talent, Pattison Media
I’m impressed with Radio Content Pro, and I think you will be, too. Highly recommended.
Jay Mitchell, Radio Consultant, Publisher: The Small Market Radio Newsletter

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